New EV | Pre-sale of 30,000USD, Ruilan 9 electric large 7-seat SUV unveiled at the 2022 Tianjin Auto Show

Ruilan Auto’s new pure electric SUV, Ruilan 9 (pictured), has started pre-sale on November 4. The pre-sale price of the founding version is 199,800 yuan, and more models are expected to be launched in the future. On November 10, Ruilan 9 was unveiled at the 2022 Tianjin Auto Show. Ruilan 9 adopts pure electric drive and is positioned as a medium-sized SUV. It supports two energy supplement modes: charging and battery swapping.
The Ruilan 9 adopts a closed front panel common to new energy vehicles, and is equipped with a through-type LED running light strip. The overall shape of the Ruilan 9 is relatively regular to ensure the passenger space in the car, and 6-seat and 7-seat versions are available for users to choose. In terms of size, the length, width and height of Ruilan 9 reach 4845/1890/1778 mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2825 mm.
At the rear of the car, the Ruilan 9 continues the square and simple styling style, which is relatively easy to be accepted by users as a whole. The brand letter logo is arranged horizontally, and the taillights are run through by the chrome trim.
In terms of interior, Ruilan 9 adopts a conventional interior layout, equipped with an LCD instrument panel + floating central touch screen, and the center console area has a horizontal decorative strip to create a style similar to an integrated air conditioner outlet. The car also features a small shift lever and a flat-bottom multifunction steering wheel.
In terms of power, Ruilan 9 is equipped with a drive motor with a maximum power of 150 kilowatts. The cruising range has not been announced yet. Known information includes that it will support fast charging and battery replacement.
Ruilan Automobile was established on January 24, 2022, and was jointly funded by Geely Automobile and Lifan Technology. According to the latest plan announced by the brand, three battery-changing models of Ruilan Auto – Ruilan Maple Leaf 80V PRO, Ruilan 9, and Ruilan 7 will be launched on the market one after another. Among them, the Maple Leaf 80V PRO (pure electric MPV) has been launched in September this year. Officially listed at the end of the month.

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