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About Us

CNTGPPE  is a China-based supplier of pure electric vehicles. We sell various brands of electric vehicles produced in China, including pure electric cars, pure electric motorcycles, pure electric vans, pure electric tricycles, pure electric bicycles, pure electric scooters, and pure electric vehicle spare parts, and refitted parts for fuel vehicles converted into pure electric vehicles.In CNTGPPE you can find any electric transportation you need from China.

We directly cooperate with the production enterprises, and the production enterprises directly supply the products, which can not only eliminate the waste of intermediate links, reduce the final price to a minimum, but also make customized production according to customer needs. We can retail or wholesale.

We have very rich experience in the field of electric vehicles, our team has more than 10 years of experience in new energy transportation related fields.

Why We Founded CNTGPPE

The purpose of our establishment of CNTGPPE is very pure, which is to save the environment on which we live. With global warming and rising sea levels, many species are facing extinction, and the living space of human beings are also threatened. Every year due to global warming It’s really frustrating that natural disasters are getting worse. For our children and grandchildren to continue to live and work in this homeland, and for the continuation of humanity, we must act now. But because our own force is limited, we can only choose to start with what we can do, so we decided to expand our professional electric transportation from China to all over the world. We choose China’s electric vehicle products because China has the world’s top electric vehicle technology, and it has developed very maturely. Because of the mature technology, the cost price has dropped, and it has truly achieved high quality and low price. Everyone can afford it. When electric vehicles completely replace fuel vehicles that generate pollutants, global carbon emissions will be controlled, and our living environment will be improved accordingly. This is also our common vision, so we hope to get more support from everyone. At the same time as the environment has improved, our transportation methods have also changed. Electric vehicles are not only zero-emission, but also noise-free, with a high energy conversion rate. Continuously variable transmission will make you experience the joy of driving. Therefore, electric vehicles are the perfect product for human beings at present. These reasons are the driving force for us to hope that electric vehicles can be popularized into the hands of more people. They are also the fundamental purpose of our establishment of CNTGPPE. We welcome friends from all over the world to join us and become our distributors. Let us create more A good natural environment to work together!

Our Corporate Culture

To be a company that contributes to the world, always keep dedication, always keep integrity, always keep humble, always keep friendly, always keep love for life!

The Value of CNTGPPE

Bring the best products to customers at the lowest price. With a flexible product production supply chain, products can be customized and adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.The fastest logistics delivery, the safest payment protection.Always stand in the customer’s position, really solve the problem for customers.

Low Price Guarantee

Due to our extensive and strong relationships that have been developed with manufacturers in China, we are able to supply our customers with high quality products at incredibly low prices. If you find a price lower than our advertised price, we will happily match it or beat it.

Flexible Customization Capabilities

For products within the range that can be customized. Such as vehicle spare parts, vehicle decorations, etc. (the specific situation depends on the actual problems raised by customers).We can make samples of the products according to the design styles provided by customers. After confirming that the samples are correct, we will quickly put them into production and deliver the products to our customers as quickly as possible. We use the healthiest and most environmentally friendly raw materials to produce, so you have no worries. We have many long-term factories in China to produce for us, so in terms of responsiveness and production capacity, we have absolute advantages.

Free Professional Art Assistance

Just email your logo/text to us and our Graphic Design staff will make it production-ready. You will receive a free virtual proof showing how your logo will appear on the product within 24 hours of ordering. The actual product imprint will conform closely to the digital representation.(It is only limited to change the brand LOGO on the basis of the existing product style)

Fast Shipping / Professional Packaging

We are able to offer world class shipping options through our long-term partnerships with UPS, FedEx, DHL and other leading global carriers. Professional warehouse personnel will take good care of your orders by making sure they are packed in accordance with our rigorous and exacting standards.
Based in China and delivering around the world, our team has over 10 years of combined experience in the electric vehicles and related industry, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any enquiries you may have.

Special Tips For The Products You Need

If you don’t find the related products you need on CNTGPPE.COM, please don’t worry, you can contact us by email or call to communicate the product information you really need, and we will sincerely solve the problem for you!
Please contact us and confirm the order details before placing an order to avoid unnecessary errors.