$30K top EV! Is it really so amazing?

Although Leapmotor is a very young car brand, the cars it builds are not immature at all, it is very mature, not to mention its relatively friendly positioning and price have also won many fans for it.

At present, there are not many models of Leapmotor on sale, and its C11 can be regarded as knocking on the door of the SUV market, but in the field of sedans, Leapmotor does not have a perfect product. Today, the Leaprun C01 that we are going to test drive is its first medium and large pure electric sedan, which also means that Leaprun has entered a new track.

The shape design of Leapmotor C01 is very innovative. Its original intention is the natural aesthetics of science and technology, and it is a subtraction in design. The warp arc front face, fully enclosed design, directly illuminates the identity of pure electric. The through-type headlight group supports flowing water and dynamic breathing effects, and can also realize many lamp language modes. In the later stage, OTA upgrades can also be used to continuously increase the effect.

There are no complicated lines on the side, much like pebbles washed by running water. Everything is natural. Another advantage of this shape is that the wind resistance is very low, reaching 0.226cd. The design features a fastback, frameless doors and hidden door handles. The body size of Leapmotor C01 is 5050x1902x1509mm and the wheelbase is 2930mm.

The Leaprun C01 I tested today was given 19-inch low-drag rims, matched with Continental tires, and the size specification is 245/45 R19.

The rear of the car echoes the front of the car, but I think the duck tail on the tailgate is the finishing touch. The visual perception of the entire rear of the car is very full. The taillights are also run-through, and the central letter Logo can also be lit, which is very effective.

Coming to the car, Leapmotor C01 also adopts a simple and modern style, but it has made an addition in experience. First of all, there are no redundant physical buttons in the car, and most of the operations are concentrated in the center control screen; secondly, the three large screens are neatly arranged on the center console, each performing their own duties, bringing an immersive experience; finally In terms of work materials, its performance is also very good. The large area of ​​soft leather + suede roof really won my heart.

Behind the three screens is a Qualcomm 8155 chip, so there is no problem with the response speed and smoothness of the operation. Common car networking can be realized, and more than 40 third-party applets are pre-installed, which is very convenient for daily use. Although there are no physical buttons, Leapmotor C01 is equipped with iFLYTEK’s 3.5-generation voice system, which can be seen and spoken.

In the storage compartment in the front row, Leapmotor C01 also thoughtfully designed a hidden mobile phone holder, which can be completely hidden when not in use. This small detail is definitely a plus.

The front row adopts one-piece sports seats. The inner padding is hard, but the support for the body is surprisingly good. The configuration is also top-notch, with heating, ventilation and massage. The back row also has a boss button, and the platform is also in a flat state.

Leapmotor C01 offers four battery life versions, 500km, 606km, 630km and 707km respectively. The single motor version has a maximum power of 200km and a maximum torque of 360N m; the dual motor version has a maximum power of 400km and a maximum torque of 720N m, and the official 100km acceleration time. Only 3.66 seconds.

Leapmotor C01 also uses CTC technology, that is, there is no so-called battery pack, which is equivalent to only one tray under the chassis, and the battery cells are directly wrapped on the chassis. Advantageously, of course, it does not support battery swapping.

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